Activities are important to every relationship. Our relationship with one another, our community, and the world in general is no different. From weekly, monthly, yearly activities hosted by our cluster/community to events globally that we attend individually; our interest in promoting World Unity, Global Equality, World Peace have a place in our lives large and small.

New Activities

First Fridays in Warrenton VA, Conventions, and many activities attended by members of our cluster which aren't Bahá’í in origin, but definitely within the interest of humans everywhere.

Check our calendar for Cluster events and a few events we are interested in supporting in general.

On Going Activities

  • Ruhi - Book 7 - Walking Together on a Path of Service 
  • Book Club Meetings - Once a month cluster members, and the general public meet to discuss the book of the month. Contact Us  for the latest book and meeting location.
  • Deepenings / Firesides - Topics of Faith always need to be learned and relearned. Individual Deepenings / Firesides occur regularly through out the month, Contact Us for more details.
  • Feasts / Holy Days - Feasts occur on a Nineteen Day cycle within Nineteen months, Holy Days occur within the year as well. Check our Calendar for dates and events!