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Charles Jameson speaks to Bahá'í Discussion Group [part 2]

posted Sep 6, 2016, 9:39 AM by Charles Thilking   [ updated Sep 7, 2016, 3:45 AM ]
On Thursday September 1st the Bahá'í's of Culpeper were to hold a conversation with Charles Jameson concerning growing up in the period of separate but equal. When I and a few other members of the community, Bahá'í and not, arrived we were disappointed to find Mr. Jameson hadn't shown. But wait, didn't part one just say Mr. Jameson gave that talk? Why, yes... yes it did. 

It would seem that there was a clerical error when some members who showed up just post start time asked for directions to the discussion. We were sent to another room entirely. And what occurred there was a discussion on growing up in the world that was 'Separate but Equal'
This discussion was more of a round robin, a give and take of the world during that time and just after from the, seemingly, only two sides to live through those times.
Discussing high school, after school sports,post high school education, employment opportunities, career opportunities social opportunities, and changing the minds and hearts of the world one at a time. The members of this side of the discussion group went further to discuss what could be done and on what timeline to make this history a distant past likened to the time before discover of the wheel. 
Some of the solutions and actions for healing and growth were unsurprising. Community involvement, unified actions when confronted with ignorance/bigotry/hatred, and time.
Some of the details might seem slightly different though. The community involvement discussed went beyond involvement in the active healing of racism, and into community involvement in bringing communities back together again. Involvement in community that are everyday, or focused events that may address racism directly or may not, but all community unity will indirectly involve healing when done together. While full healing and unity seem a far distance off, there are times when it seems closer than ever before. And that makes for a confusing time for us all. 
A commitment to meet again, was made, and then made again when the two groups found the other as they exited the library nearly one full hour past the end of the discussion time and as the library closed... both groups ran over to nearly the exact minute in time.
What a wonderful night of living history and future planning.