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Clusters without LSAs, a Change.

posted Dec 8, 2016, 10:26 AM by charles thilking
A small back story before we get to the news itself. Clusters who do not possess an LSA within them have a tough time. They can't get somethings or do somethings that LSA nested Clusters can do. Cluster level bank accounts, cluster level statistics: to include which Bahá’ís have moved into the Cluster area. If a Bahá’í were to move into a County with no established member, the remainder of the Cluster would not necessarily be notified. And more.
The Regional Bahá’í Counsel of the Atlantic States have allowed a small change for one Cluster, this small Cluster hopes it will be a good model for other Clusters. Here is the announcement, edited from an email for privacy.

Regional Bahá’í Council of the Atlantic States
Delaware · District of Columbia · Maryland · North Carolina · Virginia


December 5, 2016


To the Registered Bahá’í Groups of the Blue Ridge, VA Cluster


Dearly loved friends,


The Regional Council is pleased to share that (a member of Culpeper County Bahá’í Group) has been appointed to serve as the statistics representative for the Blue Ridge, VA cluster.  This important role involves the collection of data for the Statistical Report Program 3.0 (SRP 3.0).  


As shared by the Universal House of Justice:


One of the important accomplishments of recent Plans is a heightened awareness among institutions and believers everywhere of the role statistical information can play in facilitating the planning process at the cluster level.  This is demonstrated by the increasing ability of the friends to collect pertinent data and to use this information, which draws attention to strengths to be built upon and weaknesses to be overcome, to track progress, analyze the patterns of growth prevalent in their communities and decide upon the next set of goals to be adopted. 

(The Universal House of Justice, in a letter dated April 8, 2007 to National Spiritual Assemblies)


The analysis of growth at the cluster level necessitates close collaboration amongst all the agencies and institutions within the cluster. To advance this process most effectively, it is important that SRP 3.0, the instrument designed at the World Center for collecting such information, is updated regularly.  The statistics representative will assist in gathering the most current information, on a regular basis and when requested by an Area Teaching Committee or the Regional Statistics Officer. These data are vital to the planning process in preparation for each cycle of growth, regardless of the capacity of the cluster. 


In the year ahead, Michael will reach out to your localities to collect information needed to reflect the cluster’s reality and to glean learnings about its growth.  We are grateful for your support as he undertakes this new role of service.  Please also feel free to contact Michael; his email address is


With loving Bahá’í greetings,