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Massive Day of Events.

posted Nov 25, 2015, 5:34 AM by Charles Thilking

Sunday November 22nd 2015

What a day this was. 
10:00 am: We began with Book Club and the meeting over a very interesting book!
In which people who hadn't read the works were able to draw more information and a great discussion in concert with those who had!

11:00 am  We took a break to stretch a bit, and were joined by more people for the Cluster's quarterly Reflections meeting, we discussed where the Cluster was headed and where it had been. We even have the next quarter scheduled out, well mostly. Some Feast Hosting dates are still open. The Cluster sought guidance from the Universal House of Justice using its publications from past Ridvan messages.   
12:00 pm, and by this time we all needed a break. We had our first (Annual???) chili cook off! Black bean chili, NSA Chili (No Salt Added), Just plain Chili... and so much more were present. And the winner was declared: Those who ate won. No way to choose one of those chilis above another! Minds full, stomachs full, time to move onto Spirit!
1:30(ish) pm We read the Universal House of Justice's announcement for the Feast of Qawl. The entire day was accompanied with prayers, discussion, reflection, and the enjoyment of our Cluster community. 

With the Thanksgiving Holidays upon us the community will have events into the month of December. Check out our Calendar for a list of events, including new Devotionals and Cluster Individual's activities!