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Recap: Feast of Rahmat / Mercy 173 B.E. (06/23/2016)

posted Jul 19, 2016, 6:36 AM by Charles Thilking
We held the Feast of Rahmat (mercy) on June 23 at Culpeper Thai Restaurant at 7:30 pm, offering those who wished to enjoy dinner first at 6:30.  This was the second time this year that we met at Culpeper Thai, and we have enjoyed this arrangement greatly.  We arranged tables in a semi-circle allowing more interaction, conversation, and synergy.  Prayers were selected by the host, George, from an iPhone application called “Baha’i Prayers:  Universal”.  The app features use of many different languages, and places prayers into categories as well, which made it easy to select prayers appropriate to the Feast theme of mercy.  The prayers featured appeals directly to God and indirectly through God’s manifestations - the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh. The standard Feast message and Treasurer's report were presented before coming to a close.

** The Bahá’í calendar contains 19 Months which contain 19 days, the first of which has a Feast held. The Bahá’í 19 Day Feasts are to be held on the First Day of the new Month to bring the community together, to allow for communication locally, regionally, nationally, and globally to be given to each in attendance before reviewing cumminity activities that members of the local community members of the Faith are involved in or wish to be involved in. Upcoming events, resources used and needed, and more are shared at this time. The children and youth are encouraged to attend. ** 

Content for the Feast of Rahmat information and events were provided by the Feast host as were any pictures. Content and format for the Feast was edited by News Editor. 
Charles Thilking,
Jul 19, 2016, 6:36 AM